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Edna Carla Stradioto

Edna Carla Stradioto is an emerging independent artist from Brazil and she has just started her professional career as watercolor painter in 2012. she had had her first experience with painting when she was a teenager, but she dropped out of the brushes to study Business, which she had followed for many years. Without ever totally abandoning her artistic side, she decided to give her a 360 degree shot in her life. In 2012, he abandoned his financial career and returned to painting. “The beginning was difficult, I did not have any painting material anymore, I did not know how to approach to the brushes and have no idea what people were doing in watercolor painting, I felt uncomfortable painting again. Totally amateur”.

Edna just paints watercolors. Explaining why he has chosen watercolor as her unique medium, she says “watercolor has a visual appeal that satisfies me. I can be soft or make me gush colors, layers on layers. I can build a narrative composition within others. The color palette is versatile. I can use paper, canvas, cardboard, fabric, almost anything to paint. On top of the watercolor, I can use ink, pastel, acrylic. Watercolor painting is so contemporary, authentic, and multi-dimensional that it dialogues with all other arts. Imagetically, it is possible to approach all styles, to make any theme, and to remain unique among all other mediums. I can’t see myself doing any other thing”.

Edna has been concentrating all her efforts to build her name as a name in watercolor painters. In 2018 she could be seen in different galleries, in Brazil, Italy, Austria and France. She is going to be in Nederland, Switzerland, England, Portugal, France again, and in Brazil, on the first half of 2019. Also, she is in some important online platforms. “I am available 24/7 for my career. I answer phones, reply emails and messages, I’m in the social media, I prepare projects, I paint, and I am pluritasks”. If you send a message to her, you need to be prepared. She is going to answer you personally and faster than you could image.

She teaches watercolor techniques in his studio, in art galleries, as well as workshops in Brazil. Nowadays her work is focused on observing and studying nature landscapes, specially grass fields, such as Cortaderia Selloana, known as Pampas Grass.

For additional information and purchasing details contact bye mail: contato@ednastradioto.com.br.

Follow her on Instagram: estradioto

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