I am at a point in my life where I know what I want, especially what I do not want. About what I want is to paint every day, but I’m finishing my masters degree. The dissertation demands of me, time. I love what I study, my subject is Wyeth’s illustrations for King Arthur. I love researching, reading and studying. I try to dedicate myself exclusively to the master’s degree, but I can not. Painting became something physiological. I need to paint to be happy, to be me, to be well.

I have excellent reason to return to GRASS theme. I went back to painting landscapes of grass, or what I discovered myself doing: brushstroke-grass. This is my space today. The grass has taken over everything. People are grass, they see grass, and they are mixed themselves into my grass landscapes. I am grass. You are grass.

Soon, soon, those grasses will be scattered … wait!

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